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What to do if your Roofer does Poor Job

Nov 8

If your roofer does not do a good job, you don't know where to turn!

It is important to find a trustworthy roofer just like Sometimes, however, the contractor hired may not be up to the job.

These are smart things you can do if your roofer doesn't deliver satisfactory results. Here are some tips to help you distinguish between a bad company and a good one.

These steps will help you take

Once a project has been completed, there are many ways to speed up roofing repairs.

Take as much detail as you can and make careful notes. A representative from your company should be able to locate the problem area and begin troubleshooting.

  • Contract – Take a look at the contract. Contractors are highly skilled and can make mistakes.

  • Contractor - Call immediately to inform the contractor about the problem. Make sure to read any warranties or terms regarding the repair.

  • Contact the Better Business Bureau if a contractor fails to show up to fix the problem. For more information on how to get the attention and builder, visit their website.

  • Attorney - Seek legal advice from lawyers if necessary. A letter from an attorney can sometimes convince a contractor that he or she must comply with the contract's terms.

What signs should you be on the lookout for?

Even though a roofing company may have great recommendations, it's important to recognize warning signs that contractors should be avoided.

  • Make a list of the builders you recommend and call them if there is no response. If you don't hear back, make a list of builders that you recommend and call them.

  • Delay In Work - After a deposit has been paid and a start date has been set, you should notify the contractor immediately. Anything less would be considered a breach of contract.