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Dec 20

7 Tips for Gutter Repair and Maintenance

Gutters that aren't properly maintained will cause you to have to pay more to get them fixed.

Maintaining your gutters in good condition should be a top priority for home maintenance.

Gutters that are well maintained will not only keep your home safe from storms or heavy rains but also protect you from secondary problems like mold and pests.

Inadequate gutter maintenance can lead to clogging and leaking.

Although cleaning and maintaining gutters may sound tedious and difficult, once you know how it should be done correctly it can be quite simple.

You can hire professional gutter maintenance companies to handle the job if you don't feel comfortable balancing on a ladder.

Do not let minor Gutter Repair Lawrenceville Ga turn into major problems. These essential tips will save you time and money.

1. Safety First

Make sure you have all of the safety equipment before you start cleaning your gutters. To protect your hands and fingers, you will need heavy work gloves, safety goggles, and non-slip shoes.

You will also need a ladder that is tall enough. To prevent rocking, ensure that the ladder is placed on a level surface. To ensure that the ladder remains in place, if possible, ask someone to help you.

When climbing up the ladder, ensure your hips are between the rails. Don't lean on the sides, or work on the highest two steps.

To avoid any unnecessary risk, call a professional gutter company if your gutters rise more than one story or if there are power lines near you.

2. Regularly Clean Your Gutters

Regular gutter maintenance will increase the life expectancy of your gutters. This will ensure that your exterior remains immaculate for a longer time.

Gutter maintenance should be done at least twice per year, particularly in autumn and spring.

However, this is not a fixed rule and you may need to do maintenance more frequently in certain instances.

People who live in areas that are rainy should be more diligent about maintaining their gutters, as they are susceptible to becoming clogged.

Here are some tips for cleaning gutters.

  • Use gloves and a shovel to remove the debris from your gutters and place it in a bucket.
  • To clean up any dirt or debris, use a garden hose equipped with a sprayer nozzle.

When you have reached the end that is not in direct line with the downspout of the hose, untie the hose and let the remaining debris drain out the spout.

  • If water isn't draining, it is possible that the downspout has become clogged.
  • Place your garden hose in the spout, and spray the nozzle with full pressure.

The blockage should be dislodged by the stream. You might need to use a tool like a plumber's snake to reach the blockage and remove it.

  • Assemble and tighten all pieces that were removed or loosened during the downspout process.
  • Attach the spray nozzle to your hose, and flush your gutters once more.

3. Clear Your Roof

Remember to keep your safety when climbing such high peaks. You should also avoid the roof when it is slippery, wet, or blowing hard. When the weather is good, you can scale the roof with a rake and remove any leaves or other debris.

This will ensure that they don't get dragged into the gutters and clog them. Make sure you are familiar with roof maintenance techniques.

4. Verify for Rust, Leaks, and Holes

Don't forget to inspect the gutters after you have finished cleaning them. You will need to inspect the gutters for signs of corrosion and leaks. You should also inspect the gutter joints.

You can patch up any holes you find using metal flashing, or a gutter patching kit you can buy at a home improvement shop.

Consider sealing the joints and caulking them if they are leaking.

If you see rust on your gutters, it is likely that they have passed their prime. They should be replaced. You can switch to gutters made from aluminum, copper, or vinyl, which won't rust.

5. Take a look at the downspouts

The same inspection should be done on your downspouts. You should inspect your downspouts for any leaks, rust, or clogging. They should be at least a few feet from your home to ensure they don't drain too much water.

6. Eliminate Rodents and Pests

You might have gutters that are home to many bugs and small animals. You might have a problem with this because of many reasons.

Their nests can cause a problem with your plumbing. They are also likely to enter your home and cause pest infestations.

Trotter rodents can attract snakes and you may find yourself with a slithery issue.

The collected water can build up and become a breeding place for mosquitoes if it is not cleared. Pest control professionals are best suited to eliminate pests.

While you are more than 10 feet above the ground, it is not something you wish to come face-to-face with a snake or bee.

7. Get a new gutter

Gutter maintenance is mostly about functionality. However, updating your gutters can dramatically improve curb appeal. Aluminum gutters are a great option if you have a tight budget.

They are durable, cost-effective, do not rust, and can be painted.

However, they are not something you can do yourself. It is best to hire a professional to do it.


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