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How to Find the Best Window Contractor in Cleveland

Jan 21

How to Find the Best Window Contractor in Cleveland

In our last blog post, we compared the different window materials available today to see their pros and cons. It's important to make sure your windows are installed by a good window contractor even once you've selected the materials you want. Otherwise, you may not be happy with the outcome. What else can you do besides asking neighbors for referrals?

Do business locally

There's no point in finding the best contractor and then having to wait for them to be "in your area" before you can get a quote and have them do the installation. Worse yet, do you believe a national brand will decide to open an office nearby, only to close it soon after your own is installed? An established local window company with a long history in the area is what you're looking for. Despite this, it lessens the likelihood that they will go out of business.

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Choosing a product based on price should not be the only factor.

The company's name includes the word affordable, so that may sound strange. Keep in mind when comparing quotes that both window and installation cost will differ according to many factors.

You should, for example, ask the window company you choose whether they will remove and dispose of your old windows. Do not get caught with a disposal charge at the end of the job, although most window companies do.

Comparing the following features of the window company you are considering is also helpful:

  • Warranty from the manufacturer
  • manufacturer; Installation and workmanship guarantees from the window company
  • Energy efficiency of the windows
  • Manufacturing quality

It doesn't matter how small the change is, it can make a difference.

Insurance Coverage

Be sure that the contractor has insurance, no matter what kind of contractor you're looking for. Workman's compensation and liability are two types to inquire about. Be wary of contractors who do not have both. As they work on your home, your insurance helps protect your home, your property and your neighbors.

Trust EZ Window Solutions

We’re a locally owned and operated window company. The vast majority of your friends and neighbors will tell you that we're the best window contractors and we agree with them. Contact us today if you would like a free estimate for replacing windows in your home.

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