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8 Reasons to choose a commercial roofing expert over a repair contractor

Mar 13

8 Reasons to choose a commercial roofing expert over a repair contractor

Though it's not something we like to think about, the reality is that a roof leak will happen sooner or later if you have a commercial property. If you don't have a relationship that you value and trust with a roofing contractor, it might be tempting to contact the first roofing contractor who appears in your Google searches.

A commercial roofing expert who has a dedicated service division is better than a repair company when it comes time to the actual value. Here's why:

1. A commercial roofing expert knows everything about roofing.

Grand Buffet Restaurant - Repairing a leaking pipe

Whatever your roofing problem may be, there is a solution. Reputable roofing contractors have both repair departments as well as installation departments. They use proven methods to solve roofing problems. They can share their expertise with each other so the whole team is better than repair-only roofing contractors. They have systems in place for tracking, reporting, tracking, repair, reporting, and maintaining accurate records. They also discuss projects in meetings. What worked? What didn't work? How can we make it better? People who work as commercial roofers expect high-quality workmanship and accountability.

It's important for you to know that there is a distinction between a professional commercial roofing contractor and an expert commercial roof installer. An expert deals with all things commercial roofs related, from maintenance and repairs to new construction to re-roofing. Installers install roofs. To complete the project, they might send installers to handle roof repairs. However, the installers may not be trained to fix leaks.

2. A commercial roofing expert will know the best techniques to repair your roof over time.

This is a huge benefit for customers who need leak-repair services. Installation and repair teams are able to attend the same company meetings. New roofing systems must be installed according to certain procedures. This ensures that they are able to pass inspections and receive warranty coverage. An inspection is unlikely unless a repair project falls under warranty.

Repair-only contractors don't have to conform to third-party standards. They also aren’t used to thinking at this level of detail. You can't go wrong with tried-and-tested processes and best practices -- they work! It means buildings can stay dry inside.

3. Commercial roofing experts can tell you about the type of your roof no matter what it is.

A few decades of experience in roofing can make it possible to solve any type of problem with any kind of roof. The crews of superintendents and workers are familiar with all types of roofing systems, including single-ply, metal, low-slope, steep, and sometimes vegetative tiles, slate, and metal. They are also familiar with all roofing materials, including asphalt and EPDM. They can handle any roofing system.

4. Commercial roofing contractors are equipped with the best technicians to solve any roofing problem.

A full-service provider will not be stumped by a roof leak. The best commercial roofing experts send out the best technicians, and can, if necessary, escalate complex problems to on-staff professionals who have the ability and desire to take on new challenges. A superintendent, who has seen hundreds of roof leaks, can help you identify them. These specialists are often more qualified and certified, so they can provide reliable service and ensure that the job is done correctly the first time.

5. Roofing experts know how different roofing systems are interrelated

Loftman Lofts - Repairing a leaking pipe

Commercial roofing systems often include multiple types of roofs. It is possible to have more than one type of roof and not realize it. Older or expanded properties may have more than one type of roof that is joined. It can be challenging to find the source of a leak in these circumstances and what repair method would be most effective.

A full-service roofing contractor will assess the entire roof, taking into consideration all the details and how they fit together. Another aspect they'll consider? Unintended consequences of a leak repair on one system to another. It is better to know what to expect in the future before you start repairing.

6. A commercial roofing specialist can make helpful recommendations

The more you use the same roofing expert, the better they'll get to know your unique roofing system as well as the property it protects. Because they are more knowledgeable, the value of their recommendations will increase over time.

Some providers provide additional value written documentation for long-term roof management planning. This is vital for your annual budgeting.

7. Commercial roofing specialists can perform repairs quicker

Once you have established a working relationship with a full-service provider, and they are familiar with your particular roofing system, they will be better equipped to locate and fix the next leak quickly. While it's possible for there to not be another leak, a provider will still use the report and photos of previous repairs. (Providers who follow best practices maintain detailed records, including photographs, to manage future repairs. It is also important to recommend and carry out pre-emptive maintenance.

8. Commercial roof experts are looking to win your long-term confidence

Contractors who also offer re-roofing services are eager to develop a partnership with you. They want to prove their worth by fixing your leaks right the first time so that they can be trusted with larger projects. Solid advice and a solid reputation are key to building a lasting relationship. Most roofing repair contractors treat repairs as a one-off and send a new technician each time you have an emergency.

Your commercial roof should be considered an investment as well as an asset. If you find a trusted commercial roofing contractor like Roofing Las Cruces with decades of experience and multiple on-staff technicians, who are accountable and make sure that you are satisfied with their service, then you know you have found a solid expert in commercial roofing.


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