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6 Things to Do When Your Air Conditioner Isn't Working

Mar 25

6 Things to Do When Your Air Conditioner Isn't Working

1. Take a look at the basics

You may be worried about your comfort if it is hot outside and your air conditioner doesn't turn on. It can lead to you forgetting about the basic reasons that could be causing the problem.

You should inspect the circuit breaker to determine if the problem is electrical. You should also make sure that everything is properly connected. Sometimes an AC won’t turn on because of a loose connection.

Also, make sure to check your thermostat. It is possible for people to think that their air conditioner doesn't work, but in reality, it is the thermostat. Check that your thermostat is connected to a power source. Also, ensure it is set in cool mode. While these might seem like simple tips, they are easy to forget if your AC won't turn on.

2. Know Your AC Unit

For certain important reasons, it is important to be familiarized with the various features of your HVAC system. You will learn more about AC maintenance if you have a better understanding of your system. This is essential to keeping your HVAC system in top shape for as long as possible. Also, effective maintenance can help keep your system efficient and guard against high utility costs.

Noting the important features of your AC can be a great help if it stops working. Some homeowners may not realize that AC systems are equipped with basic on/off switches. Although they may think that their ACs don't work, in reality, the switch could have been set to offsetting.

Make sure you check to make sure your AC system has this switch. If your AC system has such a switch, you should check it first if it doesn't turn on.

3. Check your Filter

Regularly replacing your AC filters is a simple, but important maintenance task. Your HVAC system is dependent on your filters. They prevent dust and debris from entering various parts and causing problems. Filters can get clogged if they aren't replaced regularly.

Your AC will use more energy to maintain your home's temperature, which can lead to higher utility costs. If the problem is not addressed, your AC may stop functioning altogether.

Check the basic points and if the problem persists, replace the filter. You can extend the life of your AC system by replacing your filters before they become blocked. The AC system is subject to significant wear and tear when it has to run at high energy levels to cool your home. It can eventually cause the system to fail sooner than if you had maintained a regular schedule for changing the filters. It's not something that you should worry about if the filters are changed regularly.

4. Examine Your Evaporator Coils

Maintaining your evaporator coils clean and tidy is an important maintenance task. You may need to speak with an AC repair professional to find the right method. They can help you to understand how to keep them clean.

Regularly changing your filters will make your air conditioner more reliable. Cleaning the evaporator coils can also help to reduce the chance of it not working. If the AC is not turning on, make sure to check them. If they're dirty there's a chance that this is the problem.

5. The Drain Pan should be checked

Ask AC repair specialists to show you how they can check the drain pan of your AC. The pan is typically located under the indoor section of an AC unit.

Sometimes the AC becomes full. This can trigger a "float switch", which will stop your AC from turning on. The experts at your local air conditioner repair and maintenance center will be able to help you determine the best steps to take to prevent this from happening.

6. Learn to do a Capacitor Test

When you next schedule an AC repair in Marietta, add "learning to conduct a capacitor test" to the list.

This is especially true if the AC suddenly stopped making any noises. This could indicate that the motor is damaged. If this is the case, a capacitor test will tell you. However, if your AC makes strange or unusual noises, you should schedule an AC repair service as soon as possible. AC problems are almost always the cause of unusual or unexplainable noises.


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