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Craftsman Kitchen

Mar 25

Organic and functional: The Craftsman Style Cooking Kitchen

The Craftsman-style kitchen is one of the most well-known styles. It features rich wood finishes, paneling, and built-in storage. These kitchens often feature an organic theme with natural materials and a calm, earthy color scheme. For homeowners who want to mix modern and traditional, a craftsman-style kitchen is an excellent choice. Many buyers love the cozy atmosphere that the kitchen creates in their homes.

What's a Craftsman Style Kitchen?

It is easy to recognize Craftsman-style kitchens. They make use of natural materials whenever possible. They are built with precision and use well-designed and made elements. These kitchens often feature intricate stonework and woodworking as well as other details that reflect the craftsmanship of the craftsmen who created them.

In the 20 century, craftsman-style kitchens became very popular. This style was created in response to the increased production of elaborate furniture using machines. Craftsmen also called the Arts and Crafts Movement emphasized natural materials made by artisans and carpenters. The movement is characterized by authenticity, harmony, simplicity, and simplicity. This style is gaining popularity again.

Elements for Craftsman Kitchens

This design style is dominated by strong lines. Exposed beams, multi-paned Windows, and paneled Walls are all common. Other elements include:

  • Earthy color schemes
  • Built-in shelving
  • Wood flooring and countertops
  • Large hanging lights
  • Artisan backsplash

They work together to create a functional yet organic design. These elements often extend from the kitchen to other areas of the house, particularly the living area in an open-plan home.


The Craftsman-style kitchen cabinets have straight lines and minimal ornamentation. A craftsman's kitchen is dominated by natural wood. Cabinets are constructed from durable and sturdy woods. Although Craftsman kitchens are custom-designed, it is not affordable for many homeowners. Pre-made cabinets made of solid wood are an option for this kitchen. This is especially true for homeowners who want a classic, high-quality kitchen but still keep their budget in check.

Craftsman kitchen cabinets have a traditional or antique look and are made from natural materials. They can also be fully functional. The craftsman design can be complemented by a Shaker cabinet or a recessed door. Glass can also be used in cabinet doors.

Cabinets are made from maple, oak, cherry, birch, and other woods. You can leave the wood in its natural state, or you can stain it. However, some grain may still be visible. Gray cabinets can be used by homeowners who want a neutral kitchen color without going all-white. There are many other options for cool and warm colors that can be used with the base grey.


There are many options for countertop design. Granite, stone, and quartz can all be used in countertop design. The countertop color will usually be white or beige. Avoid dark colors as they can make your kitchen look more traditional.

You can choose soapstone for countertops because it is a nonporous, durable surface that will oxidize over time. You can polish it to shine or leave it matte. For more than 150 years, slate and soapstone have been mined in the Appalachians. Many homeowners may find it appealing that the material is locally sourced.

Another option is wood for a natural and organic look is to use it as a countertop. For Craftsman-style kitchens, top picks include bamboo, hard maple, black walnut, and hard maple. It can be used to accent the top of the kitchen island.

Color Palette

Craftsman movements were founded on the appreciation of fine craftsmanship and the beauty of nature. The color palette reflects that. This type of kitchen uses warm, natural colors such as white, tan and beige, sky blue, gold, and sage green. The colors are subtle and not bold. It is common to paint white wood.

You might also have river rocks, exposed wood, or fireplace tiles in your color scheme. Therefore, the wall color should match any architectural details. In a craftsman-style home, warm wood finishes such as maple, cherry, and oak are a classic.


Vintage hutches are another trend in the craftsman kitchen. These pieces can be used to display china, glassware, and tableware. These hutches add warmth and character to the kitchen. They can be painted with an accent color or left unfinished. For a homey, simple aesthetic, a craftsman-style kitchen makes use of natural and organic materials. This simple design style will be desired by homeowners.


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