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Closed Cell Vs Open Cell Foam Insulation in Attics

May 3


The Basic Difference

In addition to the fact that the open kind of foam is transparent, while the closed one is closed, it operates in this manner. Closed-cell foams are dense and extremely hard. The open-cell foam has cells that are slightly open. The performance of these two types of insulation is similar because both provide excellent insulation value. Contact the best roofing companies in Kansas City.

Insulating Value and Strength

To understand insulation value A quick overview of the R-value would serve the purpose. Simply put, R-value is the capacity of the insulation material to resist heat flow. More R-values signify greater insulation power. Closed-cell insulation has an R-value of 6.0 per inch. Open-cell contains an R-value of 3.5 per inch. Closed-cell has a higher structural strength than open cells due to the fact that it is more solid. As a softer material, open-cell is more flexible and less reinforcing than closed-cell spray foam.

Foam insulation costs

The cost of foam insulation can vary depending on a variety of variables. The amount of foam you require as well as the amount of labor required to install it, the type of insulation you purchase and the location in which you live. The weather and climate will determine the regional concern in your area. Costs for closed-cell insulation fall in the range of $1-$1.50 per board. Open-cell prices range from $0.44 to $0.65. Spray foam insulation installation costs on average $2000

Moisture Resistance

Due to the slightly porous nature of open-cell foam insulation, tiny amounts of water can become lodged in the openings. However, the strength of the foam won't be compromised because of that circumstance. Closed-cell spray foam insulation, in contrast, is impervious to any liquid or water that comes from any source either inside or outside. Don't forget here to call kansas city roofing contractor.

Storm Contracting can help you to retrofit your attic with spray foam insulation. One of our insulation experts for homes will be more than happy to guide you through the advantages of spray foam insulation and how it will enhance your financial performance and the quality of your life.

To prevent moisture problems.

Spray foam that is closed or open cell insulation is an excellent product to remove moisture from the attic. It acts as a barrier to keep condensation and humidity at bay by maintaining a median temperature. The products help reduce the amount of water vapor that is in your attic and create an air-tight environment.

to reduce odours and improve the quality of indoor air.

There are many benefits to attic insulation, but not only the ones mentioned above. The environment is healthy by improving air quality and eliminating odours from the growth of mold. This is how it is done. Foam insulation blocks the leakage of air. It also creates the appearance of a barrier to moisture. Toxic air pollution, mold, and dust could cause illnesses and odours that can be absorbed by any surface. When the contamination becomes more than just an irritation, it can pose a risk. Spray foam can provide fresh and clean air that you do not have now. For more information, please contact the roofing company in Kansas City service.


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