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Simple Steps To Remove Window Tint : The Definitive Guide

May 19

Window tint is a great option to enhance the look of your vehicle as well as provide some privacy. What should you do to remove it? In this article, we'll explain the procedure of removing tinted windows, step-by-step.

This guide will assist you to avoid common mistakes and pick the best tools. This guide will assist you to remove the tint of your windows in order to give your house a fresh look.

What exactly is Window Tint?

Window tint is a fine layer that is applied to the window glass in your car. It can be made of a variety of materials including carbon fiber and metalized polyester. Window tint is available in a variety of colors and shades.

Window tints can be used to improve the appearance of your vehicle. They also help prevent the sun from damaging your interior. It offers privacy to the occupants.

Why Remove Window Tint?

Window tints can be removed from your car due to various reasons. The most common reason is that it's now illegal in your state or in the country you reside in. In certain states, only certain types and shades of window tints are allowed.

Another reason to remove tinted windows is because it is beginning to fade, bubble, or peel. This happens over time due to exposure to the sun's ultraviolet rays.

If you are looking to get rid of window tints from your car there are some points you should know. It is first important to recognize the kind of tint you've got. Additionally, you will require the equipment needed to finish the task.

In the end, it is important to have patience and take your time while removing the tint. If you rush the process, you could end up damaging your car's window.

How Do You Know What Type of Window Tint You've Got?

The exterior of the tint will typically reveal the type of tint. If the tint has been metalized, it will have the appearance of metallic shiny. The majority of tints that aren't metalized are made from dyed polyester and have matte finishes.

It is possible to test which tint you have by using a razor blade. If the film comes off easily, it's not metallicized. If the blade scrapes but doesn't remove any tint, then it's metalized.

What tools will you require to remove Window Tint?

The tools needed to get rid of window tint will depends on the kind of film you have. You'll require a razor and ammonia-based cleaner to remove tints that are not metalized. You'll require a hair dryer or heat gun to melt metalized tints. A sharp blade as well as soapy hot water, and the squeegee is all you will need.

Removes non-metalized windows tint

To remove dirt and debris clean your windows with ammonia-based cleaner. Then utilize your razor blade to score the tint around the the window. After you've scored all the area of the window, start peeling off the tint in one corner. Spray more glass cleaner on the tinted area to make it easier. Let it sit for a few minutes before attempting another time.

Removing Metalized Window Tint

Begin by heating the tint using a heating gun or hairdryer. Then, you can use your razor blade to score the tint all around the outside of the window. Once you've scored the perimeter of your window, begin peeling the tint at one corner. If the tint isn't falling off easily, apply soapy water over the area and let it soak for a few minutes prior to trying to peel it off and again.


We'd like to finish by saying that although it might seem like a daunting task, removing window tint is very simple! Make sure you take your time, have patience, and utilize the right tools. We hope that you find this article helpful and now feel confident in removing window tint yourself.

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