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GoHighLevel Tips: How to Add a Form Field Details to Contact Notes Automatically

Sep 22
what's up high level fans. 
This is Beant with Extendly for high level and I am here with another tip or trick to make your life easier with high level. 
Alright so in today's tip or trick it relates to whenever you go and have a form that you fill out, the information gets filled out. Top 5 Reasons To Upgrade To GoHighLevel SaaS Mode W/ Shaun Clark
Well, there's the information once filled out on a form is available in your contact. 
Traditionally you fill out that form, you go to the activities and you check you can click on it to see the form. 
But what we've done is let you know there's a form attached to your calendar event right? 
You go like the date and go to the calla and you fill out your contact filled out all of their information and they filled out all of this stuff that they're interested in as well and they've booked an appointment with you. 
Now what would you do, what would what happened to that contact information? 
Well you could set up a workflow for the same appointment book or form failed or a survey completed whatever the trigger is. 
And then you can add what we call these things systematic note. 
and you can have all of that information. 
All of the fields in that form filled in and added as a note to the contact. 
So they always stay there and you can create a log in that way as well. 
So here's what it looks like once you once you do that. 
So when someone booked an appointment it kind of gives you this information and let you know what their details are. 
Any message that they left. And the whole nine yards there. 
Traditionally if you don't and you click on you can see the form, whatever form that was submitted, you can come in here and you can click this little clipboard and you can see the details of that form as soon as it decides to load up so you can there you go you can see the details of that form. 
If it's a diff form you'll see the entire all of the fields that were populated in there and whatever they filled out right here. 
And of course it gives you a little bit more information here as well for you to have. 
But if this isn't what you wanted you could always create a log as well under the notes section of the contact. 
So under notes, all of the details that they filled out is readily available there for you to access Super easily. 
Alright so I hope you enjoyed that tip and trick. 
Well we're coming out with more and more on a regular basis. 
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Alright thank you guys take care bye bye. 

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