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Can I Replace My Roof in the Fall?

Oct 25

You don't have to put off installing a new roof. Now is the time! Most spring valley roofers prefer fall roof installations and with good reason. You can now schedule your fall roof installation when you are most available. Here are seven more reasons to schedule your fall roof repair.


Roof work can be difficult, especially with the scorching heat of Michigan summers. The perfect temperature for roofers is fall and the best time to do roofing. Experts agree that roofing should be installed at 45 to 50 degrees Fahrenheit. This is precisely what you will see in the fall. These temperatures ensure your roof stays intact and shingles won't stick to each other.


Both spring and summer bring heavy thunderstorms, mainly in unpredicted areas. This can make it challenging to schedule roofers and inspect your roof thoroughly to determine what needs to be done. Fall is easier to predict because the worst storms are over for a while, and conditions are more precise. Your roofer will be able to quickly determine which services are needed this year and what can wait. It's easier to schedule a fall re-roofing if you aren't as busy and the weather is more predictable.


It is easier to use shingles in fall temperatures than in summer. Roofers will have more difficulty handling shingles if the temperature drops too low. Shingles can become fragile and break easily if they are too cold. Fall is the best time to install roofs. Roofers will be able to complete your project on time and within budget. You can contact spring valley roofing company for the safe and easier roof installation process. 


It's a good idea to install new shingles or a roof in the fall. This gives the shingles enough time for proper bonding before winter sets in. It's warm enough for adequate bonding and insulation of your roof. But it's not too cold to cause shingles to stick. Fall installation ensures a healthy roof, sealing wind and water and protecting your home from winter storms.


Winters can be tough on roofs due to heavy snowfall, freezing temperatures, and strong winds. Keeping your family warm and dry during winter is the best option. It's challenging to find qualified roofers willing to work in winter, and even more challenging for them to find the right day to repair your roof. Fall roof repairs can prevent roof damage during winter.


The attic is a great place to keep woodland animals, especially in winter. The loft is a dry, warm place that most people don't visit, making it a great spot for mice, chipmunks and other small critters who might want to live in your home. You can prevent pests from entering your home by repairing your roof in the fall. This will keep small critters away before they even consider entering your home.


A new roof or a recent repair can help you save money on heating. If your roof isn't properly maintained, it will be one of the first places where heat escapes. A new roof will be well insulated. This will help reduce your heating bills and offset the cost of any roofing or roof repairs you have just done.

Fall roof repairs can be the most simple to plan and are the fastest to complete. You can even bundle your repairs if your roofer is already coming out for your yearly inspection and bi-annual gutter cleaning. If you have multiple services to be done by a roofer, some will offer discounts. You don't want to put off roof repairs or a re-roofing job. Now is the time!