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Oct 7


As you are well aware, the roof of your home is your first line against natural disasters such winds and storms. You can have severe property damage if these elements are present.

There are many options available to protect your roof against these types of damages. These methods will protect both people and homes for many years. Start today with these methods.


Use non-corrosive roof coats.


A roof coated with weather-resistant, water-resistant material will protect it from any potential damage by natural disasters. The acrylic polymer used in this roof coating gives it a 20-year life expectancy.

This is something that you can do yourself but requires professional attention. It's worth the effort.


Make sure your roof is in top condition


The roof is an essential component of any home. It can be hard to maintain your roof. The roof can be damaged by many things over time. There are many things that could damage your roof, such as leaking or tears in shingles and other parts.

It's important to ensure that your roof remains in good condition prior to a storm, or any other natural disaster. Teamwork Exteriors, Rapid City's roofing company, can be reached today.


Remove Branches and Trees from the House


Safety reasons are why it's important to keep branches and trees off your roof. You don't want the branch or tree to cause damage to your roof if a storm comes.

This is particularly true if leaks have occurred in the roof due to storms. This will lead to more water getting into your home and increases the likelihood of your roof bursting.


Install metal flashing around your roof edge


For wind and water protection, it's important to put metal flashing around the roof.

These membranes will prevent water from seeping into the roof. They also protect the roof against high winds.


Be sure to clean all gutters.


A great tip for roof protection? Make sure that your gutters don't have any debris. Sometimes, one small piece of roofing slate can block the gutter. This causes water to run off the roof and not into the drainage pipe.

This only increases the chance of wind blowing off roofing shingles. This water can also cause damage to roofs and lead to leaks.


Storm shutters on Windows


Storm shutters for Windows are vital to protect from harsh weather conditions. This is especially important for those who live in areas that are subject to heavy rain, wind, or storms.

These shutters are designed to protect the roof and keep it from being blown off by strong winds.


To generate electricity for your home, think about installing wind turbines


Wind turbines can be one of your best options to protect your roofing system. When a storm hits, wind turbines can provide power for lights and other devices that will allow you to remain inside while staying safe. Wind turbines are also a natural roofing option.


You should inspect your chimney every year for cracks or leaks


If your home is located in an area where it rains frequently, you can be certain that your roof has suffered from many storms. Due to their constant exposure to extreme weather conditions, homeowners can find it hard to assess if repairs are needed.

Fortunately, Teamwork Exteriors is always there to help! They are also experts at inspecting roofs for cracks or leaks after hail damage and rain. This means that you should immediately contact them if anything is amiss.


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