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Reset your bafang accu

Sep 1

Do you want to reset your bafang accu? Is your bicycle battery no longer working properly? Is your battery broken? There are several ways to try to get your battery working. Cycle the battery empty until it no longer provides assistance, and place the battery on the charger. You can also try to take out the battery and let it reach room temperature. Due to the cold, the battery may not charge. As soon as the battery has reached room temperature, put the battery on the charger.

Have you tried the steps above and are you still unsuccessful? In these cases, you can still try to reset your battery using the reset button on some bicycle batteries. Below we explain how the reset button works with different batteries.

Reset your Gazelle battery yourself

The Gazelle Innergy can easily be reset yourself. You can reset your Gazelle battery by means of the button on the back of the bicycle battery. The gazelle innergy battery reset button is located in the back of the lamp. You can use this reset button if the battery no longer starts up. For example, you can hold the button for a few seconds. In many cases the display turns on automatically and the battery reset has been successful. You can now recharge the battery until it is fully charged again.


Giant battery reset

Can you reset your Giant battery? It is possible to completely empty your Giant battery until the support ceases. If you do this after the battery has been fully charged, you have had a total charging cycle with your Giant battery. If you keep track of the distance traveled on the display, you will know exactly how far you can go with your Giant battery. If the capacity does not meet your expectations, we have a solution for you. We can increase the capacity of your bicycle battery. And in a number of cases you can double your Giant Twist battery yourself. Look for this on our Giant Overhaul page.

This way you can reset your Flyer battery

It is possible to reset your Flyer battery yourself. This can be done by means of the indicator button on the battery. Remove the battery from the bicycle and place it on the charger. Once the battery is fully charged, remove the battery from the charger.

Now that the battery is fully charged, you can reset the Flyer battery by holding down the indicator button. Do this for about 20 to 30 seconds. As soon as the lights go out on the display, press and hold the button. Then insert the battery with the button still pressed on the charger.

The battery will now continue charging and you can release the button. You may have to repeat this up to 2 times. As soon as the battery is fully charged again, you can cycle the bicycle battery completely empty until the support ceases. You will notice that you can continue cycling. The Flyer battery has now been reset.

Gazelle Innergy Indicator Reset

It happens with many Gazelle batteries that the indicator does not correspond to the number of kilometers that can still be cycled. This is because the gazelle Innergy batteries determine the capacity based on the kilometers driven. As soon as the battery shows wear, it indicates a lower mileage. It is possible to reset your Gazelle bicycle battery yourself. With the following method you can easily reset your Gazelle Innergy gold battery yourself. This works the same with the silver, bronze and platinum.

You can easily reset your Gazelle battery yourself. To make the Gazelle indicator correspond to the actual kilometers driven, you must fully charge the battery before you start cycling. As soon as the battery is fully charged, cycle the battery empty until the support ceases. This should be repeated 4 to 6 times. After this, the indicator will more closely match the number of kilometers you can drive.

If you still do not achieve the desired number of kilometers, the battery will be worn out. In this case it is possible to overhaul the battery or replace it with a new battery.

We overhaul most brands

KWS Seuren has the knowledge to overhaul the battery for almost every brand. Take a quick look at the overview of brands for your battery overhaul.

Reset Bosch battery

Easily reset your Bosch battery yourself by pressing the reset button. This reset button is located next to the indicator on the battery. You also use this button to display the degree of fill. Press and hold the button for a few seconds, at least 20 seconds to reset the battery. The battery is completely reset. Recharge the battery fully until it is fully charged. The battery is fully charged as soon as the LEDs on the battery go out. Then you can start cycling until the battery no longer offers support. If the Bosch cycle computer fails, the battery is empty. You have now completely discharged the battery and reset it.

Is the capacity of your Bosch e-bike battery disappointing? We have the option to overhaul this battery. We can also carry out many repairs to these Bosch batteries. We specialize in this battery service. Please contact us for this.

Reset your Trek battery

It is possible to reset your towing battery yourself. This differs per drive system. Trek bikes come with either the BionX drive system or the new Bosch drive system. Both drive systems have already been explained on this page. If the reset does not work, please contact us.

Reset Stella battery

Resetting the Stella battery can be done by cycling the battery empty. As soon as the support ceases, the battery is completely empty. Your display e-bike will then indicate that it is empty. The kilometers that have now been cycled means the final range of the battery. It can sometimes happen that the battery no longer works or the battery does not charge. The Stella battery is not charging. This can be a problem with the battery pack, but also a problem with the electronics in the battery. From our experience we have already observed this several times and we can replace the entire electronics + charger. With this, the battery will be able to continue for a number of years and you do not have to incur large costs right away. We always check your Stella battery before taking any further steps.


reset your bicycle battery regularly

If you regularly discharge your battery completely and only then put it back on the charger, you will have a better idea of ​​the actual range. This can be done, for example, once a month if you cycle a lot. If you make less use of your electric bicycle, you can also do this every six months, for example. You will enjoy your e-bike more if you can confidently embark on a nice long bike tour.

What to do if resetting your electric bicycle battery fails?

Have you reset your bicycle battery, but is this unfortunately without result? Then the battery is almost certainly broken or worn out. This is possible for various reasons. The age of the battery, the number of recharges or an error in the battery itself. Do you want to use your battery as new? Or get more out of it than you ever did? Have your battery overhauled or checked by us. At KWS Seuren we specialize in solving these problems. Overhauling your e-bike battery is much cheaper and there is the possibility to increase the capacity. We specialize in the bicycle battery. Wondering if your battery is eligible for overhaul? View our bicycle battery shop for an overview of all bicycle batteries that we have already overhauled so far.